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Wood paneling

Logging and wood processing

Modar 2002 Ltd, tel .: 0888329021
Farmyard, Krumovo, Plovdiv
wood paneling, cladding, floors, beams and ribs, strips, front boards, shingles, firewood, logs and wood technology






Wooden planks

Wooden front boards


Softwood flooring

In "Modar - 2002" Ltd  we are qualified specialists in the field of woodworking and wood, with customer oriented profile, offering valuable professional advice in relation to the timber and wood. Moving forward, we plan to increase our product range to the market and desires of our customers.


What makes us different: In terms of articles of wood, we can offer a high qualified and personalized service, producing final product  with high quality :from  building material to firewood.   

You  can bring your ideas, drawings, designs and pictures in "Modar - 2002” Ltd and we will give you an offer.



Made with wood

чамова ламперия, иглолистна, сачак  

дървено дюшеме, масивно дюшеме 
дървен материал

Personal products  made  from  “Modar" s  timber  include:

дървен материал за строителстовото, 
фасонирана дървесина,
надлъжни, обли греди, 
циркулярно нарязани дъски чисти, 
кофражни летви

-Internal paneling

-External paneling

-Wooden Fences / roofs


-Wooden kids Houses


-Bird Cages 







-Agricultural poles

-Fences for riding

-Garden furniture, Tracks


-Wooden stages

-Wooden houses


-Wooden moldings

-Trimmer joists

-Wooden stairs

-Wooden girder

-Wooden Structures, cladding and flooring

Wooden theatrical scenes and platforms, terraces, corridors, kitchens and balconies, tent for garden gates, shades, etc.







Logs and Technological wood